Biblical Botanical Gardens Society- USA

Directory of Regional Directors 

What is a  Regional Directors?

BBGS Regional Directors are our color bearers. A BBGS Regional Director is one who will carry our message to any prepared to hear it (Garden Clubs, Schools, Botanical Gardens, Churches and Temples) 

What  do Regional Directors actually do? 

They promote the planting of bible plants in home and institution gardens and in landscaping schemes.  They help existing Botanical Gardens to identify the 'Biblical' parts of their collections and to help the visitors to such gardens find and appreciate these plants

How can I become a Regional Director?     

A willingness to speak for us, a love of scripture and a taste for gardening

Contact William Moran by writing or by calling  1-678-712-9439. He will briefly & quickly ascertain your qualification and send you a certificate of appointment within the week.