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Food for Thought



(Avot d’Rabi Natan 31).

Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai taught: If you have a fruit-tree on your hands and someone says to you: Here is the Messiah. Go and finish plating your fruit-tree just the same, and afterwards go out and welcome the Messiah.


The Tree and the Mashiach (The Messiah)

by Danny Siegel

No matter what reasonable people

or foaming enthusiastic youth tells you:

that this messiah or that messiah

is imminent –


The Mashiach is in no rush.

When you have planted down the last clods of


And watered your pines, your cedars,

your gum t rees and cypresses,

he will still be wherever he is supposed to be,

and more than happy to admi re the sapling with


Messiahs don’t come to uproot things . . . .