Biblical Botanical Gardens Society- USA

Job Description for BBGS - USA Regional Directors 

The BBGS-USA regional director’s principal duty is to help grow the BBGS-USA.

To that end the Regional Director will

1.    Identity public gardens within her or his region that could qualify as a BBG, invite  such gardens into our ranks and report such activities  to Director BBG-USA

2.    Represent the BBGS before Garden Clubs and social groups of religious organizations  (Churches & synagogues of every flavor – the BBGS is ecumenical). Set & collect your own fees for these speaking gigs.

3.    Perform Accreditation visits to Gardens requesting them within her or his region (visit costs to be born by requesting garden – Regional Director to set own inspection fee.

4.    Annually produce a work on the activities of her or his BB Garden. The work may be video, photo essay or written essay and will be published to the BBGS membership on SS&S. All rights to said work will be retained by the author-composer.

5.    Establish relations with local news outlets and report local BBGS-USA activities to them. BBGS-USA will assist in this activity by helping prepare press releases  preparation and identifying local news outlets

6.    Help gardeners and gardens in their region by answering specific questions about the plants of scripture; pass on to BBGS-USA  any question for  which the answer is unknown

7.    Help promote BBGS-USA goods and services