Biblical Botanical Gardens Society- USA

 Hard Copy Library Holdings of the Society

NIV God's Words for Gardeners. Shelley Cramm,

Seeds of Transcendence: Understanding the Hebrew Bible Through Plants.  Jo Ann Gardner 2014

Guide to Gardening without Chemicals. Ed. Alistair Ayres, 1990.

Herbs: Rodale's successful organic gardening. Patricia S. Michalak, 1993.

Gardening in the shade.  Anne Halpin. BHG

Plants that Heal & Foods that Heal. Gerge D. Pamplona-Roger, MD. 2004

Houseplants; Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening. The American Horticultural Society. Illustrated. 1980.

More Plants that Changed History. Joan Elma Rahn, 1985.

Baker Encyclopedia of Bible Plants: flowers and trees, fruits and vegetables, ecology. F. Nigel Hepper, 1992.

Studies in Ancient Technology: Volume IV. R.J. Forbes, 1964.

Spiritual Gardening: creating sacred space outdoors. Peg Streep, 1999.

God Planted a Garden: Horticulture in the Bible. W.E. Shewell-Cooper, 1977.

Perfumes and Cosmetics in the Ancient World. Michal Dayagi-Mendels, 1989.

Plants of the Bible and Their uses. Irene Jacob, 2003.

Gardening from the Bible to North America: Essays in Honor of Irene Jacob. Edited by Walter Jacob, 2003

Botanical Symbols in World Religions: a guide. Irene Jacob, 2001

Plants of the Bible: a Gardener's Guide. Daan Smit, 1992.

Farming & Gardening in the Bible. Alastair I. Mackay, 1950.

The Fruits of the Holy Land. Asaph Goor & Max Nuroek, 1968.

Beautiful Plants of the Bible from Hyssop to the Mighty Cedar Trees. David Darom, Palphot Ltd.

All the Trees & Woody Plants of the Bible. David A. Anderson, 1979.

Israel Gardening Encyclopedia. Walter Frankl, 1981.

Bible Plants for American Gardens. Eleanor Anthony King

Selection Guide for Planning Your Biblical Garden. (Monograph) Rev. Marsh Hudson-Knapp.

Planting a Bible Garden. F. Nigel Hepper

All the Plants of the Bible. Winifred Walker

Plants of the Bible. Harold N., Alma L. Moldenke

Plants of the Bible. Michael Zohary

Healing Plants of the Bible. Vincenzina Krymow

Herbs of the Bible: 2000 Years of Plant Medicine. James A. Duke

Flowers of the Bible and How to Grow Them. Allan A. Swenson

Bible Plants and Animals: Natural History of the Bible. Harry J. Baerg

Consider the Lilies: Plants of the Bible. John and Katherine Paterson

 Daily Life in Biblical Times. Oded Borowski


Biblical Garden Cookery. Eileen Gaden, 1976.

Cookbook of Foods from Bible Days. Jean & Frank McKibben, 1972.

The Bible Cookbook, Faith & Food. Marian Maeve O'brien, 1958.


E-books ONLINE:

M'Nab, C.M., Juvenile conversations on the botany of the Bible, illustrative of the power, wisdom, and goodness of God (1850)

Osborn, Henry S., Plants of the Holy Land: With Their Fruits and Flowers (1861)

Tyas, Robert, Flowers from the Holy Land; an account of the chief plants named in Scripture (1851)